- - - What is LOVE? Well, there are lot’s of definition for that word. It may be something deep, something we could find in every thing. But, if you’d ask me if what love is, well it would be a verb that without actions it would be meaningless.

I’ve always been a hopeless romantic. Wishing for dinner dates, suprises and roses. Something cliché. Something that every girl wants to feel. That at some point movies could somehow be real.
But, as days go by.. months or years will pass. We’ll realize that things will change. . You’ll realize that effort would count more. It just a matter of appreciation.

"You’ll realize that your partner’s presence is more valuable than anything else. You’ll realize that the love they have given you is priceless. That having them is more than enough"


But, love can never assure you that the only thing it could proffer is happiness. Because, when you love a person you are also giving them the privilege to hurt you. Pain is inevitable. You just have to find the right person who is worth your tears and hurt. You should bear in mind that nobody is perfect enough to avoid mistakes. And, those mistakes is just a part of every relationship. A sole element that you will thank for eventually. Those mistakes will make us realize the virtue of understanding. That in love you should be fair.Those mistakes will teach you maturity. It just a matter of time.

"The best things in life may be free but it doesn’t come as soon as you wished for it. The right person is worth the wait. Just be patient. God has plans."


 Love is so perfect right?

It made us believe in a lot of things. It also teaches us lessons that leaves a mark in everyone’s heart. But, whatever scars it may be we shouldn’t regret it cause at some point we wished for that someone. We wanted them so much.~

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This is so fucking cute and I reblog it every time I see it and I can’t get over it.

i hate it when people say you cant love someone over the internet its just so wrong 

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